Exhibitions & events: Metropolis, Pizza Soldiers

Ryszard Górecki (born in 1956 in Słubice) – interdisciplinary artist, moving around painting, object art and installation. Exhibition curator and educator. Graduate of Zielona Góra Pedagogical University (present University of Zielona Góra). Between 1980 and 2002 he run his gallery – Galeria Prowincjonalna in Słubice and Art in CP gallery at Collegium Polonicum of The Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. In years 1998–2005 he was the curator of a Polish contemporary art programme in Brandenburg Museum of Contmeporary Art in Cottbus and in Frankfurt (Oder). Awarded "Paszport Polityki" prize and, for several times, a scholarship by the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage by Cultural Foundation in Berlin. Interested in deformation of science and merging popular culture with social sciences, history and art metalanguage. He experiments with random objects found and consumer goods. He lives in Berlin.