Exhibitions & events: A Poisoned Source, TransROBOTA

Born in 1972 in Poznań, Poland, where he lives and works.

Graduated in 1998 from The Graphics Faculty of The Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. Since 1998 has been working as an assistant at Prof. M. Pawłowski’s Serigraphy Workshop. A winner of Deutsche Bank Foundation Award for young Polish artists – Views 2005; exhibition after the competition, Zachęta Warszawa.

selected individual exhibitions in Poland: 2004 – Borders, University in Zielona Góra, 2004 – Sweet harmony, under the patronage of ON Gallery, Wildard, Poznań, 2003 Prototype, Water Tower, Konin; 2002 – Deconstruction, East Gallery, Łódź; 2001 – Serenade on Jewish Street in Poznań; 2000 – Space, Garbary 48 Gallery, Poznań.

selected group exhibitions: 2006 – Polish Days In Norway, Trondheim, Norway; 2006 – Young Art from Poznań, Arsenal Poznań, 2005 – Crying Game, Sligo, Ireland, 2005 – Duel , The Old Brewery, Poznań, 2004 – Two in one, Poznań Art Now, Łódź, 2003 – Oder/Odra, 2yk Gallery , Berlin; 2000 – University of Tennessee, USA.