Exhibitions & events: Provocations and Confrontations

Kaido Ole (b. 1963) is a renowned painter who has been professor at the Estonian Academy of Arts from 2003 to 2010. He is known for his calculated and precise manner of painting, which goes beyond pop art and hyperrealism and analyses their inexpressive qualities with a twist of subtle humor.

The installation “The Band” originally consisted of 36 large scale paintings depicting loudspeakers. At “Provocations and Confrontations” 18 will be exhibited.  All the images are identical to meticulously executed surfaces of gray. It is evident that a considerable amount of time and effort has been poured into keeping the paintings free of any errors or incidental strokes. Ole has often talked about boredom in connection with art and how it can be used as a constructive approach. He has said that boredom and repetition are important for creating a monotonous background so that essential issues could rise to the fore.[1] For him, painting is a meditative process and the technical aspect is as much part of the end result as the image itself. 

The speakers make a powerful symbol of this careful work and the cumulative effect it can have. In this sense there's a deep-rooted resonance between the reserved methodological style of paintings and the effect they can produce. This installation is a full-scale stadium concert – it's understandable why even in a silent room the speakers make the viewers want to cover their ears.

[1]    Discussion  between Kaido Ole and Eero Epner, „Kaido Ole” Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn,  2007, pp XX-xx