Exhibitions & events: Provocations and Confrontations

Laura Põld (b. 1984) is a painter and video artist, often combining the two media in her installations. Her works convey a psychologically tense atmosphere by using a minimal set of components to create narratives and spaces full of suspense.

Laura Põld's “Talks with Curtains” presents a series of paintings mixing New Objectivity with faded colouring of washed-out scraffito, being partnered with three David Lynch style videos. Põld deconstructs the story of Snow White into a contemporary anti-fairytale, where the puzzles of what has happened are presented in ominous fragments of memory. The archetypal characters of an innocent fairytale narrate a wholly different and sinister story – an X-rated story of sexual abuse, ill-treatment and a wicked prince. The empty rows of brown cinema chairs and a soundtrack pinched from Disney full of wonderful but time-worn high-pitched vocals create an impressive contrast.