1999-10-29 - 2000-08-31

Curated by: I. Buzinska, W. Easton, M. Ehn, L. Karwowski, M. Lewoc, J. Pousette

N.E.W.S. was a cumulative process that developed over time and through its trans-location from Szczecin in Poland, to Riga in Latvia and Visby in Sweden.The strategy of the N.E.W.S. project was described through the metaphor used by Izaak Babel in his book Taczanka Strategy.

It was based on the ability to create a new image out of elements that can be easily found in the everyday environment. A taczanka is a military vehicle constructed out of farmer's cart or horse carriage and a machine gun. It is easy to dismantle after which its elements can go back to their original functions. Artwork, created according to this principle, doesn't have to have a stable identity; its presentation is contextually dependent, and responsive to the nature of the locations of its exhibition.

Organization: Pomeranian Dukes Castle in Szczecin, Baltic Art Center (Visby), Gotlands Art Museum (Visby), The State Museum of Fine Arts in Riga, Gallery Noass (Riga) and Bornholm Art Museum

Exhibition venues & dates: SZCZECIN - Castle of the Pomeranian Dukes, 29.10-05.12.1999; RIGA - Galerija Noass, 12.05-18.06. 2000; VISBY - Björkunderska Magasinet, Gotlands Art Museum,15.07-31.08. 2000

N.E.W.S. exhibitions were accompanied by a series of seminars curated by Jonas Valatkevicius.