2001-10-26 - 2001-11-25

Curated by: Marlena Chybowska

Artists: Danuta Dąbrowska-Wojciechowska

Light Shapes presented the photo based works of a Polish artist Danuta Dąbrowska.

The frames captured in Light Shapes filled with the mental energy of the artist are far from exaggerated drama. This ability of taming emotions within the framework of rationalism, and at the same time trying to avoid the trap of formal logic, allows the artist to determine a reflexive distance from a created image.

Artist: Danuta Dąbrowska

Collaboration: Marlena Chybowska, Maciej Włosiński

Organisation: Museum of Contemporary Art, dept. of the National Museum in Szczecin

Venue & dates: Entazis Gallery, Szczecin, 26.10-25.11.2001

Project realized within Sybaris the 4. Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial in Szczecin program.