2010-07-07 - 2011-01-16

Curated by: Marlena Chybowska-Butler, Magdalena Lewoc

Artists: Radek Szlaga, Raul Keller, Wojtek Doroszuk

Creative Geography – Mental Landscapes is a program of exhibitions, presentations, lectures and workshops aimed at revealing the mechanisms of identity formation through a critical examination of the artistic output and intellectual attitudes that rise from them.

The late Palestinian-American scholar Edward Said first articulated the concept of creative geography in his research on collective European perceptions about the non-European world. Said framed his posit using the terms 'us' and 'others,' purely arbitrary distinctions that take root among members of a given culture. Through the dramatization of difference – most often based on self-fulfilling ideological fictions – these divisions strengthen the sense of personal identity in ways that reinforce both the culture – the 'us' – and the cultural stereotyping of the 'other.'

Prof. Michał Buchowski, from the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, approaches this topic from a universalist perspective based on his work in theory and methodology of cultural anthropology. Krakow-based visual artist Wojciech Doroszuk offers an insight into city’s  society, who has consistently subjecting to a critical observation about Otherness, exclusion and xenophobia.

The topics of creative identity and creation of national myths in Polish culture are analyzed by Dr. Dariusz Skórczewski, a cultural theorist and literary critic from the Catholic University of Lublin, and by Poznan-based painter Radosław Szlaga, whose work unites Polish history with Western consumerist icons.

Guests from Estonia offer a transnational perspective, with Eha Komissarov, a curator from the KUMU Museum of Art in Tallinn, presenting the newest trends in Estonian animation. She is joined by Tallinn-based performance artist and musician Raul Keller, whose project Paul Cole & The Great Outdoors focuses on the myths the American West and its musical genre.

Artists Maria Stafyniak and Pawel Kula, leaders of the Szczecin-based Taming Art Association (Stowarzyszenie Oswajanie Sztuki), will conduct a cycle of hands-on workshops for young people based on the matrix of themes that are addressed within the program framework. 




MARE ARTICUM Program 1995–2010 - presentation

Museum of Contemporary Art, Dept. of the National Museum in Szczecin


Radosław Szlaga, DROGA

Individual exhibition

Museum of Contemporary Art, Dept. of the National Museum in Szczecin



 Wojtek Doroszuk, 5 filmów

Individual exhibition

Willa Lentza, Szczecin



Lecture by Prof. Michał Buchowski

Co-organized by the Department of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology, University of Szczecin

 Museum of Contemporary Art, Dept. of the National Museum in Szczecin, 6 pm



Lecture by Dr. Dariusz Skórczewski

Co-organized by Szczecin’s bimonthly culture magazine ‘Pogranicza’

Willa west ende, 6 pm 



Animated Dreams – the Newest Trends in Estonia Animation

Presented by curator Eha Komissarov

Kino Pałacowe, 7 pm



Paul Cole & The Great Outdoors

Concert / Original project by Estonian artist Raul Keller

Piwnica KANY, 8 pm


November – December 2010

A Cycle of Workshops

Conducted by Paweł Kula and Maria Stafyniak - Stowarzyszenie Oswajanie Sztuki

Museum of Contemporary Art, Dept. of the National Museum in Szczecin