Dangerous Relations

16.07.2003 - 01.08.2003

Curated by: Magdalena Lewoc

Artists: Agata Zbylut, Hanna Nowicka

Dangerous Relations presented works of Hanna Nowicka and Agata Zbylut. Both artists by means of photography and object art address the issues of gender as a socially constructed notion while investigating the cultural patterns modeling the individual identity and interpersonal relations.


pictures & pictures

25.10.2001 - 25.11.2001

Curated by: Marlena Chybowska

Artists: Waldemar Wojciechowski

Solo show by a Polish artist Waldemar Wojceichowski embracing paintings and installations. The poetic space in Wojciechowski's works is composed by almost abstracts structures inspired by nature.


Light Shapes

26.10.2001 - 25.11.2001

Curated by: Marlena Chybowska

Artists: Danuta Dąbrowska-Wojciechowska

Light Shapes presented the photo based works of a Polish artist Danuta Dąbrowska.



26.09.2001 - 25.11.2001

Curated by: Lech Karwowski, Magdalena Lewoc

Artists: Agata Zbylut, Anja Jensen, Anta Pence & Dita Pence, Artur Klinau, Charlotte Petersen & Christian Q. Clausen, Jarosław Kozakiewicz, Joulia J.Strauss & Philipp von Hilgers, Kristaps Gelzis, Mare Tralla, Mark Raidpere, Maurycy Gomulicki, Morten Straede, Olga Tobreluts, Thorsten Goldberg, Ulrich Gebert, Sven Johne, Thomas Mocker

Sybaris concept was based on the art objects’ sensuality, their potential for seduction and stimulation of desire following eventually the logic of consumerism. Cynically affirmative, critically biting or alarmingly ambivalent works of art formed the character of the show.