World of its own making

12.01.2013 - 13.01.2013

Curated by: Marlena Chybowska-Butler, Bartosz Nowak

Artists: Irene Murphy, Mick O’Shea

Irene Murphy and Mick O’Shea pursue their interests in autonomy, collectivity, collaboration and how experience is mediated by the environment in their sound-art installations.  Their presentations at the annual Sonic Vigil and Seesound events in the Irish city of Cork, as well as via The Guesthouse project space, are aimed at creating conversational engagement with different modes of artistic practice.


Dark Side of the Moon

12.10.2012 - 13.01.2013

Curated by: Magda Lewoc, Marlena Chybowska-Butler

Artists: Bartek Otocki, Irene Murphy, Jan Håfström, Janek Simon, Johan Muyle, Lisl Ponger, Mick O’Shea, Thomas Chable, Tim Sharp, Tomasz Kozak, Yinka Shonibare MBE

Dark Side of the Moon, the 9th Baltic Contemporary Art Biennial is an exhibition that  refers to the experience of colonialism and the impact of post-colonial fantasies on the modern Western imagination.


American and European Painting from the Marx Collection

27.01.2012 - 22.04.2012

Curated by: Eugen Blume, Marlena Chybowska-Butler, Magdalena Lewoc

Artists: Anselm Kiefer, Enzo Cucchi, Fiona Rae, Julian Schnabel, Michael Beutler, Rafał Bujnowski, Rainer Fetting, Roman Lipski, Ross Bleckner, Sandro Chia, Tim Eitel, Walter Dahn, Wilhelm Sasnal, Zbigniew Rogalski

The exhibition is the first presentation in Poland of this one of the most value private contemporary art collections. Because of the outstanding range of artists and value of the art pieces – the Marx Collection is permanently deposited in Nationalgalerie im Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin.


Provocations and Confrontations

10.12.2010 - 27.02.2011

Curated by: Eha Komissarov, Marlena Chybowska-Butler

Artists: Anna-Stina Treumund, Jaan Toomik , Kaido Ole, Kristina Norman, Laura Põld , Marge Monko, Mark Raidpere, Marko Mäetamm, Rein Välme, Sandra Jogeva, The Gas Pipe, Toomas Thetloff

Provocations and Confrontations. A Perspective on Contemporary Estonian Art


Baltic/Balkans. Restaging the Past

03.10.2008 - 09.11.2008

Curated by: Magdalena Lewoc; cooperation: Marlena Chybowska-Butler

Artists: Aleka Polis, Chto Delat, Adam Adach, Bruno Ascuks, David Maljkovic, Irina Botea, Jerzy Truszkowski, Kristina Inciuraite, Liina Siib, Milica Tomić, Mona Vatamanu & Florin Tudor, Paweł Susid, Silja Saarepuu

Recent historical-theoretical and curatorial examinations on the contemporary art of Eastern Europe, conducted by researchers such as Piotr Piotrowski, Marina Gržinić or Zdenka Badovinac[1], consistently call for a new paradigm within which the art of the former Eastern bloc can be properly interpreted and contextualised.