Release date: 2022

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Roland Schefferski_NieUwidocznienie / UnSichtbarmachung
144 pages, hard cover with Polish/German texts and colour images
ISBN 978-83-63365-85-1

Roland Schefferski_ NieUwidocznienie / UnSichtbarmachung
144 pages, on-line PDF with Polish/German texts
ISBN 978-83-67578-03-5

Roland Schefferski_NieUwidocznienie/ InVisibility
144 pages, on-line PDF with Polish/English texts
ISBN 978-83-67578-04-2

Publisher: National Museum in Szczecin, Szczecin 2022
Editor:  Roland Schefferski

Texts by: Annabell Burger, Axel Feuss, Magdalena Lewoc